Cactus Jack

American Martian

I'd heard this band before, and wasn't very impressed. I'm glad I went to hear them again tonight, and stayed for two sets. I could nit-pick, but they're good and really get the crowd going. Excellent 80s hits medley. Tight and well-rehearsed, these are serious players. I'd like to hear the lead singer get a little closer to the original of whatever hit they're doing, but then I guess that's nit-picking. He's not even the best singer in the band, but the dude is a good front man and does an awesome cow bell solo...


Spanish Springs

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Lake Sumter Square

First time I’d heard American Martian in a while, and they’re still good. Had the crowd up and dancing. I like their repertoire but the way they played some of the songs leaves something to be desired. If I may nit-pick a little, the drummer is just too much of a hot dog. Sure, he’s got great chops, but uses them all the way through every song I heard. Dude, do ONE drum solo, then calm down and slow down. A drummer should start and keep the song at the correct speed, play to compliment the other players. Don’t try  to steal the show on every song. We are not impressed.

Just my 2¢.